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If you would like to find out more information about MAT, or if you would like to join MAT as a volunteer, please contact us.

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Please do consider supporting the work of MAT financially. For further information about how to do this, please contact us.

Take action

Some ideas for you to take action against the injustice of human trafficking:

  • Sign up for the MAT newsletter. If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, containing up to date information and ideas for taking action.
  • Check your local newsagent’s window for adverts for massage parlours, or saunas. These are often a cover for illegal establishments which sell sex – often using trafficked women or children. Ask your newsagent to take down the adverts and put up our help poster instead. Please contact us at with your name and address to obtain hard copies of the poster to give to your newsagent.
  • Buy hand cream! The Body Shop is selling a special hand cream to support the work of ECPAT UK to combat child trafficking. From each sale of ‘Soft Hands, Kind Heart’ hand cream, (50ml:RRP £3.50), a fantastic £2.06 is donated directly to ECPAT UK.
  • Eat only fair trade chocolate – to ensure that your chocolate was not produced by trafficked children working in forced labour conditions.