What we do

Raise awareness

We aim to raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking within Merton by building links with various community groups and professionals, holding community education events and working in schools (for more information see ‘education’ section).

Lobby / advocacy

We aim to speak out where we can on behalf of victims of trafficking by taking action such as writing letters to MPs and the government, raising awareness within local schools and other community groups. We seek to use as many ways as possible to encourage the Merton community to take action and speak out to help stop the trade of trafficking.

Direct action

We have already carried out significant research to uncover the scale of the sex industry within Merton, as we know that a large proportion of trafficked women and children end up working in the sex industry, in illegal brothels. We aim to take action to close down establishments that sell sex, thus reducing the supply and demand for the sex industry in Merton. We are also linked in with a support network to be able to offer help and advice for anyone affected by trafficking in Merton.

Finding out about trafficking is difficult, as it is a trade which operates underground and behind closed doors. However, we will continue to look for ways in which we can uncover this modern day slavery and take action to stop it.